Yuan-ti Tribes

There are several clans that make up the tens of thousands of Yuan-ti. Most of them are inspired by rediscovery of pre-Flash society, with a (presumably imperfect) revival of the ancient traditions. The clans are augmented by significant slave populations and the occasional non-yuan-ti free ally. The four most notable clans are described below.


Among the three elder tribes, this clan is renowned and feared for its propagation techniques. None grow in numbers as quickly as the Zevutir. With laws that place breeding demands upon both sexes and a religion that sees no use for long-term mating, this tribe always places the largest pure Yuan-ti force upon the field.

The word Zevutir means “old spells” is Dousa-Kli. The Zevutir believe that Zehir appointed them to watch over, nurture, and utilize magic. Their methods are said to reflect an ancient geomancy which often requires sacrifices and tedious preparations today’s wizard often shuns. Power is the reward though as Zevutir mages are able to cast spells as normal for whatever arcane class they possess as well as their own Elder arcane pre-cast arsenal only waiting to be triggered as little more than swift actions. In effect, a single Zevutir mage in battle can unleash the force of dozens of arcanist slaves working for months. The sight is truly terrifying.

Through numbers and undeniable, irresistible arcane might this tribe has remained strong through every upheaval. While other tribes rise and fall yearly, often victim to infighting, the Zevutir only grow stronger. The only thing they have ever lacked is great leadership (perhaps because they embrace the tradition of banishing any who don’t embrace the ancient arts). They banish many, but thanks to their breeding practices they remain strong and continue to prosper.

Currently the tribe is ruled over by a council of three Elder Mages who are unequaled in mystic might. Their power is centered in the city of Uhlaash. Their grudging respect of Corellon, the God of Magic, might be leveraged into helping them accept an alliance with Navania.

Pasu Sikra

The Pasu Sikra have at times struggled to survive. Again and again throughout their history they have been restored to power or led back to greatness by a hero in their midst. Unlike the Zevutir, the Pasu Sikra tribe make no particular demands on their people other than loyalty. All Yuan-ti are accepted for who they are (within the standard “be snakelike” bias), making this tribe the most diverse. While this lack of focus has often been their downfall it has always proven in the end to be their greatest strength. All of the yuan-ti’s famous martyrs and heroes from the Green Jewel War are from Pasu Sikra; the tribe commands respect.

The Pasu Sikra are devout followers of Naga. They are led by a being they consider to be the closest thing to Zehir. This celestial anethema, Obis-Issirah, currently holds the tribe under near-fanatical thrall. Known for uncanny psionic ability, Obis-Issirah has defended her station time and again, sending rivals to unending servitude as undead. Many are the powerful undead Yuan-ti that obey her word to the letter, and they make very dangerous foes for any who might seek the end of Obis-Issirah’s reign.

The Pasu Sikra are known to utilize all sorts of races as servants and slaves. No Pasu Sikra ever goes into combat while one of their slaves remains standing. Bugbears, goblins, ogres and other giant kin make up about half their slave numbers, and the Pasu Sikra are known for ordering entire armies of slaves in secret.

The Pasu Sikra are centered in Sarlon. Their comparatively wide acceptance of others – though tainted by racism – makes them among the most likely to accept an alliance with the elves.


The Ss’Teene were the first to rise to power after the Flash. Though they are newcomers with ancient traditions, they were able to rule the yuan-ti for twenty-five years before the other tribes peacefully negotiated decentralization. The Ss’tene are still in a state of constant preparation for war. No tribe has seen more battles, had more victories on the field or sacrificed as many lives as the Ss’tene. On the field they are feared most for their scout armies who deal more damage while on the move than while stationary. It was been these elite forces that turned back the Eladrin invasions before it reached Sarlon during the Green Jewel War.

The Ss’Teene cling to ancient tradition and law even more than the Zevutir. Many among them are even of good alignment but those in command are decidedly not.

After the Ss’tene lost their control over the yuan-ti, they created three golem elders – sentient constructs that resemble anethemas in appearance. This resemblance is considered blasphemy by the Pasu Sikra. Nonetheless, the elders are perhaps this tribes’ greatest asset. They draw energy from regular slave sacrifice – the most intelligent, the better.

The Ss’tene are centered in Veeshis. To many, the war against the elves never truly stopped, and they are eager to resume it. An alliance with Navania would be most distasteful to them.

Spawn of Ika-briss

A small but powerful cult which claims ancestry from the mystical anethema Ika-briss. The tribe is run almost completely by slaves. After a bloody revolt nine years ago, summoners have risen to positions of power in the cult. Many of the slave masters are pulled from dark places in other dimensions. Though the Ika-briss are few, their summoned allies are many and powerful. Ika-briss himself has not been seen for a few years; he has been wandering the mountains near the Stonesea Underdark restlessly since the end of the Green Jewel War. No one knows for what he searches.

The Spawn of Ika-briss would likely be ambivalent to an alliance with Navania.

Yuan-ti Tribes

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