The Articulate Plane

Vendae Elendil - The Lighthouse

Very few questions have been answered since my last entry. We’re still in the small village, Shinilsa, trying to decide where to go next. The morning after our slaying of Evan, the sheriff showed up in town. I think we were all surprised and a bit worried — but it turns out we were able to convince him that we were on his side, and we even have one of his soldiers, Edgar, helping us.

I think we all realized that we should have gotten answers from Evan before he died. But Mathra seems to think that we could use a ritual to bring him back long enough to interrogate him. Unfortunately, the ritual costs a lot of gold — more than we can currently afford.

We went back to the courtyard to find the body again, and the sheriff was already there. Only, Evan’s body wasn’t. At least, there was a body there, but it was the body of an utari. We proceeded into the throne room to search a bit more carefully. Mathra found a goblin ritual book, and I was happy to be of use translating it for him. The dwarf, Baldor, found a secret passageway. We followed the tunnel until it came to a fork — one tunnel leading down, the other up. It turns out that the tunnel leading down went into a pit of snakes. I recognized the smell of snake eggs almost immediately. There was little to discover, as the entire floor seemed covered with snakes, and the rest of the group (except Jenn) seemed rather terrified of them. We went back and pursued the tunnel that went up.

It turned into a long winding staircase — I was quite sore by the time we reached the top. When we emerged, we were at the top of the cliff, in a huge lighthouse. It was rather funny, because I didn’t remember seeing it at the top of the cliff before. There were telescopes inside, and most of them pointed toward other lighthouses. We almost left to pursue them, but remembered the sheriff was still waiting for us. We headed down, and went back into the village to see if we could purchase the raising dead ritual.

We couldn’t — but on our way out we were suddenly attacked by a lone assassin. He temporarily blinded us, but my healing powers took care of that quickly. After that he didn’t stand much of a chance against the fighting prowess of the group. We captured him alive, and were able to discover a few things (he was responsible for kidnapping the mayor) but nothing that really answered the question: why?


The_GameMaster ladyvarda

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