The Articulate Plane

Vendae Elendil - Et tu, brute?

When I decided to join this group for adventure, I certainly got more than I bargained for. My expectations were completely turned upside down.

I had hoped to bid my parents farewell before we left the city — I’m sure they were worried when I didn’t come home after the library incident. But the morning that I planned to take a few minutes to say goodbye, we were all rudely awakened by the sheriff and his army. The sheriff claimed that we, or more specifically Mathra, kidnapped the mayor during the night. He demanded that we return the mayor or pay a fine. I don’t understand this turn of events. Why would someone take our mayor? Why would someone frame our group? Clearly, I was with everyone all night and know no one with us was responsible.

I was worried that this unexpected turn might lead us upon a different path — I wanted to pursue the information given us by the goblin about the man who wanted the Kirby books burned. Fortunately, everyone else wanted to go to follow this information as well. I fail to understand the connection between what the goblin told us, and why the mayor was taken… but something strange is definitely happening, and I want to be there when it comes to light.

Before we could leave, we were startled by a huge snake in the building. Most of our morning was spent battling this enemy. Out of the frying pan and into the fire… it tried to kill the dwarf first — but Jenn and Paige nobly attacked the snake before it could deal much damage. I am glad to have them around, and happily heal them when they get hurt.

It took us a couple days journey before we arrived at the small village described by the goblin. I spent the journey reading the Kirby books that Mathra saved from the fire. They are clearly just children’s stories. There are some patterns of note between each story, but nothing that helps put any of the pieces together.

Things moved fast when we arrived at the village. Everyone was clearly interested in meeting one, Evan, who was the keeper of the mysterious ball. To my surprise, the plan was simply to attack and kill Evan. Everyone else obviously has much fighting experience, and gladly went to battle. I still don’t understand why we killed this man. I was hoping for answers about the books — but nothing is connecting, and I am left with more questions than before.


The_GameMaster ladyvarda

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