The Articulate Plane

Mathra Abean - The Lighthouse

Day 215, year 46 of this mortal form.

I am weary. Jenn has not ceased to pester me about Otoshasuma. She was once a high ranking official who was exiled. I wonder why. Putting together the pieces I assume she has been and possibly still is working with Otoshasuma. She was discovered, but not for the full extent of her treason, and was exiled. Now she wants to know what I know about him to see if I am a threat. I need to find a way to get her off my back.

Which brings me to the assassin. There was an assassin who attacked the sheriff with intent to kill him. We captured his soul and questioned him. See interrogation notes. I am too weary to write them here. What is of note is that Page knew this assassin. And he knew here. They knew each other. He said that they always sent 2 assassins on every mission. I am keeping an eye on her. On both Jenn and Paige. There is so much more to write about, but I am trying to keep this book concealed. If Jenn or Page are truly enemies, they will no doubt want to read my notes. That is why this is written in primordial. At least that will give me some protection. More will be written when I know I can safeguard it. For now I must sleep. I need to dream. I need to find that elf.

May I have no need to find this,
Mathra Abean

Dream: I was trying to run up a mountain, but thousands of skeletal hands were reaching up from the ground and grabbing my ankles, slowing my progress greatly. At the top of the mountain I saw a hand covered in fur. The fur faded away and the skin became smooth. The hand was holding my staff. But it snapped the staff in two and buried the bottom half in the top of the mountain. Then it sank down into the mountain itself.

PS You failed Travis I had to fix it for you.


The_GameMaster Truth_Quark

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