The Articulate Plane

Mathra Abean - Et tu, Brute?

Day 215, year 46 of this mortal form. So much has happened. The baron was taken. Some sheriff with no concept of the meaning of justice found a note with my name on it. He declared I must pay the baron’s ransom or deliver him the baron in a month, or I die. I am amused that he threatens me with death…though now would not be a good time to be wiped clean. I however refuse to pay for another man’s crime. We will rescue the baron and that is the end of it. The league of shadows were behind his capture (reference my notes on the baron’s investigation). I must investigate this group.

While I was performing my investigation, a summoned snake attacked us. I spoke with this being. It was sent by one Otoshasuma (reference “The Elf – Yuan-Ti Wars” by Kilp Herld). He was sent to kill me, but NOT Jenn. Is she a spy? I must find out her relation with this man. He clearly framed me and now wants me dead. But why? What would killing me accomplish for him?

I know he is working with the goblins. I used Otoshasuma’s name to gain entrance to meet Evan, the one guarding Ox/box/fox’s rock. We killed him where he stood, liberating a village beset by goblins.

Final note: I was wrong about the dwarf. He put up a good fight today. Maybe he was under the weather the other day? Anyway, he seems to be content with letting me do the thinking. I feel like Jenn has some explaining to do. I need to talk to her and find out why that snake couldn’t kill her.

May I have no need to find this,
Mathra Abean

DREAM: I saw an elf in a white cape. His skin was black. He was holding the staff given to me by the gods, and the ground rippled and shook. Then he threw the staff into the ground and it disappeared. In his left hand he held a book. He set it on fire.


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