The Articulate Plane

Jenn Tesana - Et tu, Brute?

I can’t believe it! I’m so close to catching up with Otoshasuma. Yesterday, I was only a a half a day behind him. My constant checking for clues or tracks has finally proved fruitful.

A kindly beggar explained (with some incentive) that a funny-looking elf had passed through the area earlier that morning, along with a young boy elf. The description of the older man clearly fits Otoshasuma, but who is the little one? I’m desperately trying to remember anyone that I met at court gatherings that fit his description, but…

Today, our group’s journey brought us to a strange village in search for an orb that would hopefully bring us the gold we desperately needed (to pay off a ridiculous ransom that this silly soldier, oh nevermind..). I was happy to go along because we were traveling northwards, where Otoshasuma was headed. The deva in our group seemed particularly interested in the orb. We were stopped by this palisade, but interestingly Mathra used Otoshasuma’s name to gain entrance. The man who received us into the fort carried the orb and paid the price for that ownership. Also, a yuan-ti fought us at the fort. I tried to force him to surrender, but I could only manage to stumble out a few words before the battle was over and the yuan-ti was killed.

Why did Mathra know Otoshasuma’s name and why did he think it would be a suitable alibi to enter the fort? And why did it work? How much does the deva know? I must talk to the him about this. And the two men in the palisade must have at least spoken with Otoshasuma, but my inability to question them has left me in the dark.


The_GameMaster The_GameMaster

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