The Articulate Plane

Baldor - The Lighthouse

Well string me up right good and tight, this was one hell of a day. After waking wit’ the usual pain in me head as the crazy wizard told me about something or other, I went downstairs and wasn’t much surprised to see our old friend the sheriff.

Long story short, we checked out an old tunnel behind Evan’s house (guess he’s a snake or somethin’). OF COURSE it led to a pit of snakes with me bein’ the one getting my arse almost bit off. All in a day’s work right? We also found a lighthouse up top, but I couldn’t see anythin’ through those fancy lookin-glasses they had up top. I wanted to light it up, but the wizard would have none of it. Not much of one for fun.

Met a new friend today too. Some sheriff’s recruit named Edgar. Poor lad has no idea what he’s gotten himself into with our sorry group. I took him to the tavern and we had us a good chat about the usual mercenary stuff – pay, ale, and women.

All in a day’s work am I right? Almost. When we got back to the others we found them arguin’ and interoggatin’ some poor bloke. Then the sheriff killed him anyways. Have humans no honor?


The_GameMaster Truth_Quark

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