This is an invite-only D&D 4e campaign in California. It uses a homebrew setting based closely on the core D&D and homebrew items built around a gem augmentation system. Our first session was in January 2012; we try to meet every weekend.

A brief history of the campaign:

Session One: Goblins in the Library

Baron Revitus of Horn hired the party to hunt goblins. They killed several in a local library, and the librarian joined the party. They interrogated the goblin and discovered that a human named Evan was leading the goblin raids from his home outside Shanilsa. Evan was recieving orders and gold from a small round stone he kept on him at all times.

Session Two: Et Tu, Brute?

The Baron was kidnapped. The party was attacked by a snake summoned by the missing elf prince Otoshasuma. The assassin’s guild Purific Sigil was implicated in the kidnapping, but local sheriff Grimsly Thartan blamed the party after a forged note was found at the scene of the crime. With a month to clear their names, the party went to Evan’s home. They killed him and his goblin bodyguards in his front lawn and took his recieving runestone. A yuan-ti hexer was killed while protecting Evan.

Session Three: The Lighthouse

The party met the dwarf ritualist Keri Morlydd, who could be hired to raise Evan from the dead for interrogation. When the party couldn’t afford to buy the ritual outright, they went back to Evan’s home for more clues. They found Grimsly Thartan searching the home too, and when he learned that the party was fighting the Purific Sigil he started to trust them. They discovered a secret passageway in Evan’s home that led to a massive pit full of snakes. It also had a spiral staircase leading up to a hidden lighthouse. Telescopes mounted on the lighthouse pointed to other distant lighthouses going toward yuan-ti territory and the underdark. The party surmised that a surprise attack from the yuan-ti was on the horizon. Grimsly left his rookie, Edgar, to watch the party. A Purific Sigil agent attacked the party outside Shanilsa and was easily defeated. Before he was killed, he admitted to kidnapping Baron Revitus and selling him into slavery. He also recognized Paige’s voice, raising suspicions about her ties to the Sigil. Grimsly left to persuade Duke William Andor to launch a preemptive invasion of the yuan-ti.

Session Four: A Wild Homonculus Appears!

Baldor the dwarf was killed in his sleep by a snake bite, and Edgar went missing. The party helped Keri deal with some unsavory debt collectors (led by Jared the Watcher) who wanted to raise an old criminal from the dead, earning one free use of the raise dead ritual whenever they ask. During the fight, Scar-Alak appeared and assisted the party. He joined the party after offering to lead them to one of Otoshasuma’s secret hunting hideouts in the Forest of Sanctum. When they arrived they were nearly killed by the secret traps he had laid there. One of the homonculi tasked with defending the hideout recognized Jenn and revealed that Otoshasuma had left only two days ago. Inside the hideout they found a piece of Mathra’s shattered divine staff.

The party advanced to level 2.

Session Five: The Magic Jacuzzi

The kind old teifling Akmenos discovered the party and gave them two pieces of guidance: to find Viri the changeling in the underdark, and to take a shortcut into the underdark by cutting through an abandoned Tiamat temple. Unfortunately the temple was not abandoned, and the party was forced to negotiate its way through kobolds, spear traps, chained bears, and giant jacuzzi-loving rats. They discovered that the temple contains another lighthouse, and that there were more lighthouses to the east. Their nature remained a mystery.

Session Six: Sweaty Shrooms

The party slaughtered the rest of the kobolds in the temple, a feat which forced Scar-Alak to reveal himself as a yuan-ti. They then took a route straight down into the Shallows. There they met Devin the Cruel, who offered them a lucrative reward for bringing back four escaped duergar slaves. Subjugating the slaves was easy, but it did bring Paige to reveal herself as changeling (in the form of a sweaty hill giant). But while transporting the slaves back, the party was persuaded that Devin intended to ambush and enslave them. They let Theurge – the leader of the escaped slaves – lead them to a route out of the Echoing Warrens.

Session Seven: Diabolical Devas

The party continued its journey through the underdark – negotiating with Devin the Cruel’s ambush, then slaughtering a hobgoblin gladiator ring. They freed Oto-shan, who revealed a host of new information – most notably that a second Flash was in the works and that he wanted to marry Jenn. He told the party to meet him in the elven capitol in one week with information on Doxan’s plans.

Upon clearing a kruthik barrow, the party advanced to level 3.

Session Eight: Nobles of Maelbrathyr

After a shopping spree, Mathra bid the party farewell and left to pursue his staff on his own. A strange human named Grum joined the party. Vendae met her grandmother in a local spice shop. The party got tangled in deadly intruige between the nobles of Maelbrathyr; Ordu Dekaan wanted Doxan dead while Aleeria Salitzar was throwing a party in his honor. A bloody conflict ensued that ended with four dead guards and an irate Aleeria. Doxan was untouched. He said that Mathra was Kirby and that he was trying to cause a second flash. He urged the party to find Kirby’s watchtower and destroy it, preempting future flashes. After another show of force, the party left for the teleportation circle to meet Oto-shan.

Session Nine: Surprise Wedding

Aleeria was waiting for the party with her newly-hired duergar thugs at the entrance to the teleportation circle. They fought through the guards and killed her, causing an earthquake as Torog raged against them for ending Aleeria’s torture. The party escaped the earthquake by descending further down, where they fought through a labyrinth inhabited by knights who turned to fast-spreading pink goo upon death. The party correctly guessed which symbol on the teleporation circle would take them to Selemar, upon which they met Elessar, Oto-shan’s younger brother. Jenn’s return was assumed to mean that the marriage was back on – a most advantageous arrangement for Elessar, but a consternating one for the jealous yuan-ti princess Apashala. The party also learned the a duergar-dwarf alliance had just invaded Kauthia, burning Shanilsa to the ground. The duergar had apparently discovered the secret pathway the party had used to gain entrance to the underdark and retraced the party’s steps into Kauthia. Grum befriended an elf courtier named Aren, who said that the elf king was planning to depose the Oracle and invited him to serve as his second in a duel at midnight. He also revealed that Mathra had become a close advisor to the king. Wedding preparations were immediately commenced, with Jenn’s family scheduled to arrive the next evening.

Session Ten: Intrigue in Selemar

Apashala warned the party that followers of the Oracle wanted to kill the king soon after sunrise after the Oracle said: “He who sits on the throne must die.” The party agreed to meet Apashala so she could sneak them into the throne room to stop the assassination, netting gold and the King’s favor. Apashala’s first servant turned out to be Aren, who hired the rest of the party to watch the duel from a distance because he heard a rumor of foul play. Apashala’s other servant was Oto-shan, who asked the party to meet him at 3am to destroy the Selemar teleportation circle and prevent the arrival of Jenn’s family – thereby delaying the wedding. The duel between Aren and Megan Windstar went sideways as Megan’s second Alex turned out to be a shapeshifter who claimed to know Grum (right before Grum accidentally killed her), Wilden hunters ambushed from the bushes, and the king’s guards who had been assigned to protect Jenn turned out to be paid doubles, who nearly executed her in a stream. The wilden and assassins claimed to have been hired by Mathra. Megan, ignorant of the importance of the piece of Muthrai Rha she possessed, gave it to Jenn when she learned it was putting her life in danger. The party tried to warn the king that his most trusted adviser was trying to kill his future daughter-in-law. Apashala told the party that Oto-shan was dead and took Jenn to see the body, then trapped her in the throne room, where she escaped through a secret passageway just before Mathra broke in and tried to kill her. Apashala fled the palace before the king learned that Oto-shan was not resting in state in the throne room; Vendae chased her and caught her. The remaining three party members fell under suspicion from the king – it was their word versus Apashala’s. The session ended with Jenn running through the dungeon screaming Oto-shan’s name, Vendae following Apashala into the forest to find Oto-shan’s true resting place, and Paige, Grum, and Scar-Alak being led down into the dungeons.

Session Eleven: In Defense of Kings

Oracle Zealots launched a full-scale attack on the palace. King Barakas was trapped in the dungeon with the party, who protected him from his assailants and then escorted him to a safe place. Apashala revealed her love for Elessar to Vendae, who ran back to the dungeon in time to help take down a rear attack. Mikael Tesana found the party hiding and led the King to a forest path leading north. The party chose instead to follow Mikael to defend the teleportation circle; they arrived just in time to stop eight Oracle priests. During the battle, Scar-Alak distinguished himself by barely surviving a full point-blank volley from all eight. Jenn picked up the trail of Oto-shan and left the party behind. The session ended with Jenn strolling east following the trail presumably belonging to Oto-shan and a woman. The party and Mikael were given the news that Elessar had just been kidnapped.

Everyone in the party except for Jenn advanced to level 4.

Session Twelve: The Lever of Destiny

As Oracle forces mopped up the remaining loyalist forces in the capitol, Mikael told the party to find and awaken the army of Warforged, which were prepared but not used in The Green Jewel War. The party went to the village of Soo and intimidated the former engineer of the warforged – now a ghost in a tree that was casting the entire area into a shroud of darkness. Meanwhile, Jenn traded Mathra her piece of the Muthrai Rha in exchange for help saving Oto-shan from a trio of Gremlins trying to hang him. Oto-shan revealed that he was travelling to yuan-ti lands with Kilik-das to negotiate a Navania/yuan-ti alliance. He also advised Mathra to seek the fifth piece of the Muthrai Rha in the drow city of Waterdeep. Jenn advanced to level 4, at which point she returned to the palace and drugged her brother into divulging a variety of secrets, as well as promise her restoration should she bring with Elessar or Oto-shan back to the capitol. Following the Voice in the Darkness’ instructions, the party opened a portal to the Warforged Plane. They solved a dangerous puzzle which ended with Mikael knowingly trapping himself on the wrong end of a trapdoor, then getting beaten up by a stone golem and a giant scorpion. The rest of the party coordinated on a set of floor panels, and Vendae pulled the fated lever that would awaken the 100,000 warforged and inspire loyalty to her.

Session Thirteen: Vive le Roi

Vendae recieved the Mark of the Cannith, designating her as the leader of the warforged. She ordered them to save Mikael from his doom (he barely survived the golem). Then they all exited the Warforged Plane and met Corellon’s exarch, a green dragon named Torsa. Torsa asked them to follow her north to kill the Oracle. Vendae set the warforged to work reclaiming the city, and the party followed the dragon north. Using a combination of stealth and deception, they finally got close enough for a shapeshifted Paige and Grum to airdrop Jenn onto the meditating Oracle while Vendae and Scar created a distraction (with the help of Megan and her Eladrin Riders). The ensuing battle last a few minutes. The Oracle’s control of time and devastating storm attacks caused Paige and Vendae to teeter on the brink of death. He whispered enigmatic phrases to most of his opponents. Torsa was attacked by a mysterious figure in a white cape and was unable to aid the party. It is possible that Grum talked the Oracle into letting Vendae land the killing blow, granting her the favor of Corellon himself. Upon news of his death, the zealots either scattered or killed themselves, leaving the party to loot the camp and collect significant spoils.

Session Fourteen: Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Megan Windstar, the new regent of Navania, asked Vendae to send her army north to meet an impending Drow invasion. She also asked that the party retrieve the royal crown in order to safeguard the King’s inevitable return to the throne. Instead of doing either of those things, the party followed four Eladrin Riders during the night to a secluded cabin, where they used a combination of stealth and trickery to spirit away the mysterious captive: Elessar, who claimed to have been attacked while travelling with Apashala. The party escorted Elessar back to the Selemar, where they learned that the crown had disappeared and that some portions of the capitol were hosting portals to a plane of solid gold. Strange golden creatures were exiting the portals, but their weight steadily increased in the Articulate Plane until they sank into the ground. Warforged Commander Book reported that all the surviving zealots had been buried alive in a swamp near Soo. Grum used his magic mirror to speak to Rothgar – but instead of the dwarf king, he met the mindflayer Asensore. Grum shared his thoughts with Asensore, who offered a silver head in exchange for the death of Emperor Mikael Tesana. Grum agreed, then convinced the party to immediately flee Selemar before Asensore arrived. The party made all haste for yuan-ti lands. Scar-Alak learned that a noble marriage was approaching at the end of the week in Uhlaash.

The party advanced to level 5.

Session Fifteen: Why Would You Do This, Dane?

The party arrived in Sarlon, which was abuzz with news of an impending wedding between Apa-shala and Oto-shan where Grum briefly confronted three members of the Purific Sigil. The head of Scar-alak’s father’s household, a Histachii known as Bu, told Scar that his sister Kilik-das was mortally wounded. They hastened to her house and Vendae stabilized her injuries. Kilik-das briefly woke to tell Scar, Jenn, and Paige to stop the wedding by exposing the anethema Ika-Briss as Apa-shala’s father (meaning Apa-shala was not a member of the Zevutir clan and the political clout of the marriage would be much less). The party went on a shopping spree the Sarlon and then sought out the Purific Sigil members, led by a dragonborn named Dane. Scar-alak unwittingly implied that Dane was lying, and a brawl broke out across the entire inn. The party killed all the members of the sigil, but not before interrogating one who confessed to stabbing Kilik-das because she was about to discover Ika-briss in the forest outside Sarlon. The party returned to Scar’s house for the night.

Session Sixteen: The Waterfall

Kilik-das died of her wounds in the night. Scar swore lifelong allegiance to Erathis in exchange for the power to exact revenge on the Purific Sigil. Aranis, an Eladrin Psion who escaped from the mind flayers, teleported to Sarlon from the underdark and sought an alliance from “Lord Grum.” He brought a prisoner, the high-ranking mind flayer Urtho – whom the party promptly killed. Jenn and Grum had a brief conversation with a man who made no effort to hide the fact that he worked for the Sigil. He warned them that he would kill anyone who tried to enter the City of Uhlaash. He then told them exactly where to find Ika-briss. His advice led them to a waterfall in the Pit of Uhlassh, which concealed the entrance to a cavern. The party briskly slaughtered the yuan-ti guarding the entrance.

Session Seventeen: The Pit of Problems – Part 1

The party fought deeper into the lair of Ika-Briss. When they finally met the anethema, he proved so dominant in battle that Jenn almost died. The party surrendered to Ika-Briss. He took them prisoner and took their gear.

Session Eighteen: The Pit of Problems – Part 2

The party woke up in a prison magically sealed deep underground. Random and Honor teleported in, but the portal to the surface was closed. Grum used a magic mirror to contact Sensore and agreed to kill Aranis. Scar and Aranis locked Grum in a room and when they came back for him he was gone – presumably pulled through the mirror into the Underdark. Aranis became the proud owner of one of the anethema’s fangs, which still contained a deadly poison. Scar learned that the Spawn of Ika-briss clan was probably building an army. The party destroyed all remaining resistance, reactivated the surface portal, and escaped to the surface with hours to go before the wedding.

Grum left the party and Random became a PC.

Session Nineteen: Numa Numa and the Wedding Crashers

The party moved into Uhlaash and quickly located Oto-shan where the wedding was set to take place in two hours. Scar-alak learned from his father that the yuan-ti were planning to betray both the Kauthians and the Navanians, using the marriage to cripple the civilized nations and let the duergar/mindflayer armies and the impending drow invasion seal the deal. Jenn and Aranis entered the garden and met Karanae the Eladrin psion and a mysterious elf in a white mask who guarded Oto-shan closely. Jenn kissed Oto-shan and urged him to help her stop the wedding; he affirmed that he still loved her. During the conversation, the mysterious Purific Sigil agent in the red hood watched from nearby. Numa-tan, the Zevutir Elder Mage set to officiate the wedding, was struck by an arrow. The Kauthians were framed for the incident and all the humans in the garden were arrested, including Jenn. Meanwhile, the rest of the party went to Apa-sala’s house. Paige shapeshifted into the form of a Zevutir general and gave Apa-sala the news of Numa-tan’s assassination. She took the opportunity alone with Apa-sala to steal a hair from her hairbrush for use in the ritual to determine ancestry. Jenn was sent to a dark dungeon where she installed an eyestone, letting her see from Oto-shan’s point of view. She met a coroner who confirmed that Numa-tan was dead (and therefore presumably replaced by a shapeshifter). Jenn shmoozed the coroner into stabbing himself to create a distraction so she could escape. Meanwhile, the party incited a riot among the Zevutir populace, who were very unhappy at the thought of a marriage being properly sanctioned by the clan (let alone a marriage to an elf). Aranis mind-controlled several members of the wedding procession into attacking each other; the violence escalated into a full-blown mob. Honor stayed behind to cover the party as they sprinted to the wedding grounds. Jenn, Oto-shan, and the white-masked elf used a combination of speed and brutal assistance from the party to escape. Scar-alak covered the retreat with a powerful acid he took from the hobgoblins in session seven. The party left Uhlaash and the Purific Sigil agent in the red hood offered to officiate a wedding between Oto-shan and Jenn. They agreed.

Jenn Tesana got her happy ending and left the party.

The party advanced to level 6.

Session Twenty: I’m on a Boat

The party was confronted with many directions to head: chase down Doxan and the Purific Sigil, free the dwarves from the mindflayers, track down the rest of the Muthrai Rha, or move to stop the drow invasion. When a stormsoul Genasi named Ashar joined the party holding the Muthrai Rha end piece, she convinced them to pursue the latter two goals. Ashar had a map that seemed to indicate the locations of the remaining pieces of the staff. The party went to Selemar and mobilized the warforged army to move against the drow army – which they learned was populated by undead. Following both the map toward the next staff piece and the hope that they could find the artifact that was resurrected new drow soldiers, the party went north to a tiny fishing village, where they met Horace the Boatman. They also stumbled on Keri Morlydd, who said she had raised Baldor from the dead after his poisoning in Session Four. She said that Baldor had sworn vengeance against those who had abandoned him; of the original party, Mathra was missing, Jenn was a reinstated princess, and Vendae and Paige were still adventuring. The party hired Horace to take them over the underwater drow city of Waterdeep. They left the fishing village just before a platoon of skeletons arrived. The party used Keri’s elixers to breathe underwater and infiltrate the city (albeit with several members passing out as the pressure increased). They then located the temple of Lolth, inside of which the staff was presumably located.

Ashar joined the party.

Session Twenty-One: Thinking with Portals

Lord Aranis used a magic mirror to contact Allsee, an exarch of the goddess Ioun. Allsee told him that the artifact animating the drow undead was in the Astral Sea, and that a portal was probably concealed within the temple. The exarch offered Aranis a reward for an explanation of how Lolth temples were arranged. The party then fought their way into the temple, defeating spike traps, venomous plants, noxious purple fog, giant spiders, skeleton guards, and Lolth priests. They used rune keys to open various portals, allowing them to move through the temple at will. They finally reached the center of the temple and defeated Zantho the Necromancer. Scar stayed behind on a portal key tile so the rest of the party could slip away into the Astral Sea. With an army of angry drow police searching the temple for them, his fate did not look good.

Session Twenty-Two: Space Pirates

Scar died in a blaze of glory, hacking down the drow police as they swarmed around him. He managed to destroy the portal before they reached him, preventing the drow from following the party. For years after, drow mothers would terrify their children with stories of “the black snake.” Meanwhile, the party was attacked by a githyanki pirate ship searching the Astral Sea for easy loot. All but one of the pirates died, and the party took the ship. During the battle, a mysterious drow showed up in a one-man astral skiff and helped finish off the pirates. He showed some knowledge of the Fortress of Lolth. The group decided to search for the white ribbon that was said to lead to the dominion of Ioun.

Scar left the party and Firnen joined it.

Session Twenty-Three: The White Ribbon

The party sailed off in search of the white ribbon that led to the dominion of Ioun. They stopped briefly in the dominion of Avandra, the goddess of adventure, for a shopping spree. Aranis purchased a massive tome that guided him to white ribbon leading to the dominion of Ioun. Aranis helped several investigators extract memories from a dead mindflayer, revealing a critical piece of the puzzle. The party now knew that the Muthrai Rha, the staff given to Mathra Abrean by Ioun herself, was a key. When inserted into one of the many lighthouses scattered on mountains all over the world, it would trigger a magical singularity that wiped out all animated life on the Articulate plane. Under the name Kirby, Mathra must have done so a century ago. He now had most of the staff pieces was quite possibly attempting to recreate the flash. The undead uprising only increased the chances of this effort. The party spoke to Allsee, who told them that they needed to lure Lolth out of her fortress before they attacked. He suggested kidnapping the promising new necromancer Acolytus, who would soon return from a voyage in the Feywild on a brand new drow galleon. The party was following the green Feywild ribbon when they were attacked by a group of Quom zealots on a massive mask, who wanted to extract a mote of their dead god that Vendae had unknowingly swallowed. The quom were subdued, but not before Vendae was beaten to within an inch of her life.

The party advanced to level 7.

Session Twenty-Four: In Which Aranis Fires Unicorn Bones Out of a Cannon

The party continued sailing, and was confronted by a magnificent flying snake called a Coatl. They successfully feigned incompetence to keep the Coatl from taking interest in them, and it flew away. The party then spotted and engaged the drow galleon transporting Acolytus. After a brisk chase in which the party’s ship was nearly destroyed by enemy cannon fire, Firnen rammed directly into the center of the enemy galleon. The collision was preceded by an enormous arcane cannonshot that caused devastating structural damage. The impact of the party’s ship broke the enemy galleon in two. After vicious battle on all decks, the party killed or subdued the foes. They learned that the galleon was carrying boxes of unicorns and a magificent live unicorn. They returned the unicorn to the Feywild (after collecting its horn and some of its blood), fired the bones out the cannons to consume the time of whoever came to collect them, and then left in Firnen’s astral skiff, headed for Lolth’s fortress. They hoped that Lolth herself would come to collect Acolytus, who was tied to the debris of the githyanki pirate ship.

Session Twenty-Five: The Fortress of Lolth Part 1

The party observed several Lolth galleons heading off presumably to find Acolytus and the lost galleon. An arcane gunner fired in passing at the party’s skiff, destroying about half of it. The party then entered the Fortress through a natural opening in the astral sea that opens and closes without warning. After dispatching a few skeletons and guards the party discovered an orb that allows one to travel to the past for five minutes. Lord Aranis went twice, observing the beginnings of life after the flash and the circumstances of his kidnapping in youth. Random observed Mathra cause the flash and caused it again afterwards to prove that anyone could. Paige found out how she ended up in the circus. The party discovered the reanimator and Firnen’s old prison, full of vampires. The party then made a plan to take the reanimator.

Session Twenty-Six: The Fortress of Lolth Part 2

The party set free a swarm of hungry vampires in the fortress, creating enough distraction for the extraction of the reanimator. Aranis wielded the powerful artifact sword. Thanks to his mind control, the drow turned on themselves, buying the party enough time to escape through the astral shift. After defeating a drow wizard outside the fortress, the party bluffed its way onto the docks below the fortress and commandeered three skiffs. They tricked the drow security into attacking one of their own and headed for the white ribbon leading back to the dominion of Ioun. Just before reaching it, they were confronting by three cloaked dominion ships of Zehir, who were apparently guarding the ribbon waiting for something. The party was searched thoroughly. To keep the end piece of the Muthrai Rha from being found, Random subtly tossed it into the white ribbon. The Zehir commander confiscated 1000 gold and the fang of Ika-briss as payment for stopping the pursuing drow. The party went into the white ribbon to see Mathra Abrean grab the end piece. He placed it at the end of the staff and it glowed bright. He had now had everything he needed to recreate the flash. The party chased him through the marketplace in Ioun’s dominion, to a portal that he had apparently created just a few hours ago. The party went through the portal, heading back to the Articulate Plane.

Session Twenty-Seven: Schroedinger’s Hallway

The party arrived in a small room where they met up with four warforged, the remnants of Book’s staff that had set up headquarters in an ancient facility that predated the modern teleportation circles. Mathra had moved the entire facility onto a demiplane, shattering it in the process so that it did not exist unless someone was present. To make matters worse, the drow were teleporting zombies into the plane in an effort to kill Commander Book. The party fought their way to the exit, where they encountered an angry Baldor and his now-awesome hexer sidekick Edgar Raksmith. They sought revenge on Paige and Vendae for abandoning them in Session Four, but Vendae’s terrifying Mark of the Cannith and a show of muscle from her friends was enough to reduce him to shameful submission. Baldor warned the group that Mathra was going to the top of the mountain to start a second flash. He further advised that he had rigged a trap along the way to stop the deva. The party went through the final door back to the Articulate Plane and found themselves at the base of a snowy mountain. Time was running out.

Session Twenty-Eight: Life on the Edge

The party began its ascent up the mountain. Paige turned herself into a snowbird and flew ahead while several of the more athletic members of the party climbed directly upward. They ambushed a group of Kobolds who were fearfully watching Doxan die in a trap that Baldor had laid for Mathra. After killing the kobolds, the party spoke to Doxan. He said that he had created the Sigil and attempted to recreate the necrotic uprising specifically to flush out Kirby/Mathra. His goal was to turn him into a rakshasa and kill him, thus ending the cycle and making the Articulate Plane safe from a flash forever. His plans had been foiled by the political intruige and warfare that crippled the Purific Sigil. Instead of swarming the mountain with trained assassins, Doxan was forced to go himself – only to get caught in a trap that Baldor had laid for Mathra. Doxan told Paige that she was the last – and best – Purific Sigil assassin, still capable of bring Mathra down. Paige was also still carrying Elessar’s davalisk, which could instantly turn any deva into a rakshasa. In search of the entrance to the lighthouse, the part left Doxan (presumably to die and be reborn in a few years) and entered the lair of a young adult red dragon. After diplomacy with the arrogant beast failed, the party attacked it. They crashed through the floor and fought it as they fell down a tunnel left by ascending magma hundreds of years ago. They killed the dragon right before falling into a gleaming underwater lake. Mathra had just finished rowing a rowboat across the lake. The stage was set for a final showdown.

The party advanced to level 8.

Session Twenty-Nine: Final Showdown & Epilogue

The party chased Mathra into a room at the base of the lighthouse. A short and brutal battle ensued. Paige stabbed Mathra with the davalisk to turn him into a Rakshasa, then Vendae struck the killing blow.

Aranis became the new owner of the Mathrai Rha. He and Ashar (who still carried the Reanimator) re-founded the lost kingdom of snow elves above the North Underdark. Though skirmishes with hateful drow were common, they kept the new Kingdom of Cambria relatively safe. The capital city of Silas grew to become a beacon of learning; it was built around a gleaming white temple of Ioun that could be seen for miles around. Ashar became the functional ruler of the city, while Aranis would occasionally emerge from his study (or return from a visit to the Astral Sea) with some new invention or discovery.

Vendae led the 12,000 warforged who survived the nectrotic uprising all over the Articulate Plane, establishing justice through brute force wherever needed. She managed to maintain her integrity as a vigilante rather than a mercenary, but the other nations of the plane gradually grew to resent her power – even as the people loved her.

Honor died bravely protecting his Cannith. His remains were scattered throughout the city as mementos, but Vendae’s forces snuck into the city one night, violently recovered each piece, and brought it back to Selemar for a distinguished burial.

Apa-sala’s popularity amongst the yuan-ti was restored after the party’s violent disruption of her wedding. She used her new clout to help Elessar’s shadow government rise to power in Navania. Elessar chose Aren Lightfall as his chief advisor.

Megan Windstar refused to accept the shackles of Elessar’s government. Aided by Firnen the drow vampire, she led a successful revolt and established the independence of Sha’ael. It became a city where all feykind – elves, eladrin, and drow – could live in harmony. The city was protected by Torsa the green dragon. Firnen found a lifetime supply of food in the captured oracle zealots that Vendae’s warforged had buried alive in a swamp.

Baron Revitus of Horn rotted in a duergar salt mine until his early death. He was succeeded by Sheriff Grimsly Thartan.

Following the death of Doxan, the Purific Sigil was dissolved.

King Barakas of Navania was killed by zealots during the rebellion, surrounded by his loyal bodyguards.

Baldor Ingronoth and Keri Morlydd were married and moved to Maelbrathyr, where they had 3 fat children. Baldor eventually overthrew Ordu Dekaan and became the ruler of the city. Baldor befriended Atheime Elendil and built a magnificent monument to her when she died.

Ika-briss eventually revealed that he was the father of Apa-sala. He was assassinated hours later by a swarm of yuan-ti hexers. The Cult of Ika-briss was banned.

Moved by the deaths of his children Scar-alak and Kilik-das, Dei-Hess devoted his life to building unity within the yuan-ti. He lived to see marriage legalized and a strong alliance formed between the Zevutir and the Pasu Sikra.

Mikael Tesana was driven mad after an invasion of the Echoing Warrens – in which he personally slew Devin the Cruel. A council of judges deemed Mikael unfit to rule, and Jenn became the empress. Her first action after coronotion was to negotiate peace between Kauthia and the mindflayers/duergar. Empress Jenn and prince-consort Oto-shan ruled benevolently from Kar Kauthia. Jenn appointed Edgar Raksmith to lead the Wizard’s Guild after Baldor told him that his family needed “a little space.”

The dwarf city was permanently overrun by mindflayers. King Rothgar lived out his life as a thrall of Sensore, along with most of his people. The rest scattered into the underdark or made ghettos in Kauthian cities. The bitterness of the dwarves ran very, very deep.

Paige met her father at the burnt-out docks of Horn, and learned that he had been waiting to reveal himself to her because he was afraid she was committed to the Sigil. Now that she had secured the safety of the plane, he knew he could trust her. He told of an island of shapeshifters; a place where she could have a family and live free of prejudice. She boarded a ship with him and sailed off into the sunset.

Random became a turnip farmer.