In the final days of The Green Jewel War, a brilliant elf engineer (now known only as Voice in the Darkness) designed a massive army of artificial beings known as warforged. Peace was negotiated and the warforged were never unleashed – until Vendae Elendil and her companions arrived in the Warforged Plane decades later.

Warforged are bulky humanoids fashioned of plates of metal and stone. Supported by a skeleton of similar material and a muscular system of leathery, woody fiber bundles, warforged possess an internal system of tubes filled with bloodlike fluid that nourishes and lubricates their systems. Their powerful arms end in two-fingered, thumbed hands, and their feet each have two broad toes.

Warforged heads have simple humanlike features, and they have heavy brows and hinged jaws with no teeth. None have noses. Their eyes sometimes glow when they experience certain intense emotions, and their foreheads and pates bear runic whorls. Each warforged has a unique rune on its forehead, much like humans have unique fingerprints. This rune is known as a “ghulra,” a word that means “truth” in Primordial. The person who awakens the warforged is given the Mark of the Cannith – a ghulra representing authority over the entire race.

Warforged have an obviously artificial and sexless shape. They can’t reproduce themselves like other humanoids. However, their sense of pain seems limited to actual injury, allowing them to modify their own bodies more easily. Such physical modifications allow warforged to be as varied in appearance as other races.

Warforged are not golems. Golems are artificial constructs with basic understanding and no free will. They are charged with arcane energy that must be renewed as it is expended. Golems do not require food, air, or sleep, and can sit idly for millenia. Warforged are fully sentient and independent creatures, capable of emotion and even rebellion against a master. They do not need air, but they do need food (once awakened) and benefit from sleep.

The warforged army is rumored to be 100,000 strong.


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