Oracle Zealots

A semi-religious sect that follows a strict literal interpretation of the words of the Navanian Oracle. The Oracle lives with the Zealots in their commune near Selemar; his teachings are interpreted into orders by the priests; the orders are carried out without hesitation or remorse.

Many criticize the Zealots for misintepreting the Oracle or taking him too seriously. That criticism reached fever pitch when the words “He who sits on the throne must die,” was turned into a coup that toppled the Navanian royalty and captured Selemar. A few wonder if the Oracle was speaking of the king’s new advisor Mathra Abrean, or the dwarf king who betrayed his alliance with Kauthia and helped the duergar launch an invasion.

The party successfully defended Barakas from zealots and led him to safety in Session Eleven.

Zealots customarily wear white and gold. They shave their heads and take oaths of chastity, which are excused after five years of dedicated service (though the zealot’s commitment to the Oracle is expected to last a lifetime).

Oracle Zealots

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