Voice in the Darkness

Brilliant Engineer/Creepy Tree


The elf engineer and arcanist who invented the warforged in order to end the Green Jewel War. When peace was negotiated, he locked the warforged away in an articial plane. For reasons unknown, he later inhabited a massive tree and began haunting the town of Soo. When threatened with a firey death, he told the party how to enter the Warforged Plane – but he didn’t bother to warn them of the vicious guards and traps waiting for them when they arrived.


His born name is Oberon Noll.

After the war ended, Oberon went to Soo and began experimenting with even more dangerous constructs. His final creation, a warforged dragon named Jinx, was so powerful that Oberon feared it would destroy all of Selemar. He let Jinx kill him, and in the moment of death he cast his most powerful spell, binding himself to a nearby tree and cursing the surrounding area. He seeks to ward visitors away from Jinx, who is trapped near the tree by the spell. To that end, he makes the forest as creepy as possible.

Oberon has natural psychic abilities included telepathy and clairvoyance.

Voice in the Darkness

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