It's an elf! It's a yuan-ti! It's ... OTO-SHAN!



Pale skin, white hair, yellow-green eyes

Although Otoshasuma is an elf, his time spent with the Yuan-ti and in snake form has progressively lightened his skin and hair and continues to turn his once green eyes to a more yellow hue.


The beginning…

He was the firstborn prince of Navania; born with the name “Ernylig” because his birth heralded the dawn of the Green Jewel War (the name means "prince of the snakes). As a toddler, he became the peace child used to conclude the Green Jewel War, from the elves to the Yuan-ti.

Some years later…

The young prince was publicly cheered for his sacrifice, but his occasional visits to the elven court all went badly. He was a strange lad; distant, cold, quiet. He seemed fascinated with death, and his infatuation with snakes was giving his name an entirely different meaning.

The elves began to fear and dislike him. Some whispered that the king’s son had become a spy for the Yuan-ti.

He had little attachment to the Elves whom he felt deserted him, but the yuan-ti treated him as one who was inferior because of his bloodline. Even when he learned to master his snake form, most yuan-ti still despised him as an outsider. When the boy turned 12, he participated in a yuan-ti coming-of-age ceremony and changed his name to Oto-shan (which, in dousa-kli, means: “Snake with no Home.”)

After his release from his peace childling duties at 16, Oto-shan returned to court. Needless to say, he was not a big hit. He didn’t get along well with his brother Elessar and spent most of his time wandering the forest with his pet constrictor Seisee.

A few years later, he was betrothed to a high-ranking human, set by the Elf King as yet another political move (to solify a human-elf alliance). Oto-shan already resented being used as a pawn all through childhood but reluctantly agreed.

When they met at a social function, the human princess Jenn was promptly smitten by this elf-with-a-dark-side prince. But the night before the wedding, Oto-shan simply disappeared. No explanation, no warning. He was just gone, and the wedding was off.

The distraught Jenn is certainly searching frantically for him, along with the less naive but more furious elf king Theren. At this point it’s not a question of IF Jenn finds him but WHEN, and what she’ll do when she finds him.

Many seem to feel that Oto-shan went to Shanilsa after his disappearance. What he’s up to now and where he’s going are questions only time can answer.

The elves refer to Oto-shan by the elven rendering of his name: Otoshasuma.

Oto-shana has feeings for Jenn.

When he heard that Jenn was targeted for assassination by the Purific Sigil, he knew his only choice was to disappear (thereby calling off the wedding and making Jenn no longer a target). He followed Jenn from a safe distance, trying to keep her safe.

When Jenn was framed for kidnapping the mayor of Horn, Oto-shan sent his pet constrictor Seisee in to create enough distraction for Jenn to escape. The party misinterpreted its presence and killed it. Oto-shan reacted by pulling away from the party, trusting Jenn’s new friends to protect her while he tracked down Doxan.

But along the way, he uncovered a terrible plot – signs that preparations for a second Flash were underway in the North Underdak. Before he could move to stop it, he was captured by hobgoblins and imprisoned. The party freed him and he charged them with uncovering Doxan’s plan and meeting him in the elven capitol.

Oto-Shan shattered Mathra’s divine staff under the mistaken impression that it belonged to Doxan. He then used a ritual to scatter the pieces all over the world.

Oto-shan briefly appeared in Selemar and asked the party to help him destroy the teleportation circle to prevent the arrival of the Kauthian royal family and stall the wedding of Jenn and Elessar. When the party didn’t show up and zealots attacked, he fled toward yuan-ti lands with Kilik-das to arrange an alliance with the yuan-ti. His plan seems to involve marrying Apa-sala.


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