Mikael Tesana

Emperor of Kauthia


Mikael was born to be the Emperor. He lives and breathes Kauthian virtues – order, rule of law, the greater good. His visage is magnificent, his stance imposing, his speech regal. Though young, he has filled the mantle of the Emperor with greatness.

Unfortunately, Mikael’s imperial personality makes him a pretty awful family member and friend. His duties prevented him from coming to the death beds of either of his parents, and he recently exiled his younger sister when she insisted on chasing her lover instead of moving on to the next marriage he had arranged.

Mikael fought in the failed defense of Selemar from the Oracle zealots. When Jenn drugged him with some tea, he agreed to restore her to the throne if she brought either elf prince back to the capitol. He was last seen diving into a closing trapdoor after a stone golem, apparently under the belief that killing it was the only way to stop the wall trap they were in.

Mikael Tesana

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