Mathra Abrean (Former PC)

Deva Wizard


When Mathra found himself reincarnated, he had one thought that permeated his being: I must find my lab! It took Mathra over four years to track down where he had lived in his last life. He found his library ransacked. Everything of value was gone. Mathra had no idea how long he had waited to be reincarnated. His dreams of previous lives showed him snippets of his past.

He had been a servitor of the gods. When he left and took mortal form he was given a staff of great power. Mathra remembers swearing to protect this staff and wield it for good. But Mathra has no idea where the staff is. This eats away at Mathra like maggots at old bread.

Mathra believes that if he becomes a demigod, he can end this cycle of death and reincarnation, track down his staff, and be a true force of good. Mathra is currently working to gather as much arcane knowledge as he can. Mathra knows that he was close in his last life to becoming a demigod based on his dreams. He doesn’t know how though. He hopes to rebuild the library he once had and find a way to become a demigod and prevent his death.

Note on the picture. This shows Mathra’s skin color and markings clearly. Mathra doesn’t have wings though. Just so you know.

NPC Notes

Mathra stayed with the party until he found Oto-shan, who revealed that he had shattered and scattered Muthrai Rha. He then left in search of the staff. Using a series of cheap but impressive tricks, he earned the trust and admiration of King Barakas and was elevated to a position as chief advisor.

Mathra hired four Eladrin assassins to kill Jenn in Selemar. Later, he worked with her to save Oto-shan in exchange for a piece of his staff. He now has four of the seven pieces of the Muthrai Rha and is on his way to Waterdeep in search of the fifth.

Mathra Abrean (Former PC)

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