A female yuan-ti, daughter of Dei-Hess, an elder in the Pasu Sikra tribe. She is an infiltrator who can switch between pureblood and abomination forms with ease. In spite of her natural beauty and strong pressure from her eager father, Kilik-das did not join the ranks of Zehir’s Chosen.

Oto-shan grew up among the Pasu Sikra and forged a friendship with Kilik-das at a young age. When Oto-shan disappeared, Kilik-das sent Scar-alak to find him, carrying a letter Oto-shan wrote concerning Jenn Tesana.

After the fall of Selemar, Oto-shan left for yuan-ti lands with Kilik-das to negotiate a yuan-ti/Navania alliance. The party arrived soon after to find her dying of wounds inflicted by Purific Sigil assassins. She asked the party to prevent the marriage between Oto-shan and Apa-shala by performing a ritual showing that Apa-shala was the daughter of Ika-briss, not a Zevutir.



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