Sen-seva/Evan (Deceased)


Presumably a servant of the deva Doxan; he carried a recieving runestone with Kirby’s signature rune. The party killed him and his goblin/yuan-ti companions in Session 2: “Et Tu Brute?”

His body is believed to have transformed into a yuan-ti upon death, raising questions about his true nature. His home was found to have a secret compartment with a snake pit and a signal lighthouse.

Evan is now known to be the yuan-ti sorcerer Sen-seva, one of the top students in Zehir’s Chosen. Sen-seva compensated for his lack of subtlety in combat with a brilliance in disguise. He and Scar-Alak got the first picks of the final training missions. Scar-Alak chose to map out the Kauthian defenses; Sen-seva became Zehir’s envoy in the Purific Sigil. Sen-seva could change between pureblood and half-blood form at will.

Sen-seva/Evan (Deceased)

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