Royal snake lady loves elves and booze.


Yuan-ti princess born with the name Apa-sala; she is the daughter of the late Zevutir Elder Mage Esee-reesee. She was sent as a peace-child to the elven court to end the Green Jewel War. She became an agnostic prankster and eventually refused to return to her parents when the treaty expired. She lived the life of a party animal in the elven court, using the elven rendering of her name Apashala.

When Esee-reesee died right after the Green Jewel War, Apashala was offered her rightful place as an Elder Mage of the Zevutir. She refused, causing much confusion and bitterness. A regent serves in her place using Esee-reesee’s name, but legally Apashala can take her seat among the elders at any time.

Apashala is in love with Elessar and hoped to marry him to become the elven queen. Jenn’s return to the capitol did not please her. She wove a tangled web of deception and then disappeared with Elessar when the zealots started to gain control of Selemar. When Elessar was kidnapped, she continued on to yuan-ti lands and became engaged to Elessar’s brother Oto-shan. The party violently stopped her wedding, leaving her in the midst of an angry riot.


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