The Articulate Plane

Lord Aranis - The Fortress of Lolth Part 2

I've read your book!

What? How did this happen. Ashar is going to be mad. I was just starting to really hit it off with that Zehir author, albeit a dangerous run in with an all powerful, very malicious serpentine ecclesiastic, but I’d read his book! Such condescension, such grace, such mystery! And then when we headed off into the ribbon I find out that the staff hilt is floating out there! I thought Random had it somewhere, but no! I guess he must have thrown it off randomly. If he hadn’t the Zehir would probably have made off with it. Ashar’s going to be mad. I wonder if that would have been better for the Zehir to get it than Mathra. Still I know that Mathra would be easier to defeat. Though he managed to slip through the guards at the very temple of Ioun! They should have known what he was up to. To think someone could make a portal in the temple of Ioun and have it hidden.

Now why were the Zehir pursuing Mathra, and if they were, why didn’t they find him? They sure found us fine. I’m so glad we had the fang to give them, they probably aren’t so happy with Lolth right now, but who is?

But I have another great concern in my pack. That reanimator and even more so the imagination orb. I should have tried to disable that time traveling orb before leaving the place. Now if the Drow are smart, which they will be by now (probably Lolth will put an end to that internal blood bath), they will send some poor skeleton into that orb to a minute or so before the reanimator was removed. They will discover that a motley crew of two drow (I think that was Paige’s latest iteration) an Eladrin, an Elf, and two wardens took a couple spins in the orb and stole away with the reanimator. And if those drow were willing to expend a profusion of trips in the imagination orb, (which they probably would be because they still have alot of spare skeletons about) then they could chart out our trip until we left this plane (because they wouldn’t know where to put the next 5 minute beacon after that). So in all probability the followers of Lolth will soon have a pretty good idea of who took their sword and our goals/hankerings and will know something about my personal history from what that Zehir commander revealed in his outburst. If they know their history, which they probably do, they will also know that it’s not so good to have Mathra with a complete staff.

Still I have to say it was all worth it to get a chance to meet that guy in the flesh, or in the scales if you will. It is amazing to have a tête-à-tête (even one so onesided) with such an old sage. That’s the nice thing about being in the Astral Sea, you skip out on flashes and all that nonsense.


The_GameMaster Moshi_Pekune

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