The Articulate Plane

Lord Aranis, Schroedinger’s Hallway

Loose Ends

What an odd combination. For the first time we’ve conducted ourselves with a fair deal of sense (we have at other times when all other options failed, but never so consistently), and I’ve never felt so useless to the group. I was only able to find out what everyone else already knew, I wasn’t able to have much of any impact on that Dwarf, my only purpose was as that of a warm body to keep the demiplane from closing. I fear that this latest trial at the lighthouse might be my undoing. I can see myself, out of breath, unable to speak or think, half way up the mountain freezing in my NATIVE cold environment as that tattoo glows until I feel the warm embrace of the flash.

Also we will probably run in with some bigger folk soon. I expect some arachnid Lolth adherents are probably doing everything they can to find out where the reanimator is. Also anyone well connected with Ioun, and She is well connected with many people, is probably aware that Mathra has the whole staff and is trying to use it as we let the temple guard know before the jump. They won’t know which lighthouse to check, but I will be surprised if Mathra is the only thing we find up on this mount.

I can’t understand why that Dwarf acted as he did. If he really let Mathra get through, and gave him the opening he needed to destroy the Articulate Plane, then why didn’t he carry out his plan to fight us. Mathra was one of the ones who left him. He was alone and yet the Dwarf didn’t fight him. I must conclude that Mathra is an extremely good bluffer or he was not alone, or perhaps the is more to the story of Baldour that is hidden, but too many have concurred on it independently to make me believe that. But who could he have with him? We saw him alone go through that portal and I don’t think he is one to seek the company of zombies. I must sincerely marvel at the insanity of the Dwarf’s logic. I wonder what could he hope to do! Perhaps kill one in the party though I don’t know how he could, and if he could, why not Mathra who he saw first, instead of banking on the promise of future victims. Also taking his revenge on Mathra wouldn’t keep him from taking it on us. The only explanations I can see are that A. The dwarf was very weak (as was his companion) and they couldn’t fight Mathra alone (very hard to believe. If they were willing to take on Me, Firnen, Random and Vendae they would be willing to fight Mathra), B. Mathra convinced the Dwarf that he didn’t abandon him. Extremely hard to believe, C. The dwarf felt that Mathra had something worse in store and felt he could deal with us. Possible. D. (Related to C) The Dwarf welcomed the flash, getting rid of his enemies, and he had few friends on the plane. Perhaps he thought he could polish us off and then go back to the articulate plane after the flash and dominate things. (I don’t know him well enough to judge what value he would place in this sordid scheme).

This may be my last writing in this travel log book. It has survived purple fog and deep sea drops. If the flash should overtake us I hope it will help to erudite scholars of future years to piece together some of the Arcane and Literary traditions of groups with which I have come in contact since I came up from the Underdark! With that in mind, I can die in peace. They might also find out a bit about how the flash happened too.


The_GameMaster Moshi_Pekune

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