The Articulate Plane

Life on the Edge, Lord Aranis

Found upon the rock outcropping beneath the Dragon’s Lair.

Well isn’t this pretty. At least I haven’t gotten hurt at all. Not many people can boast of killing a dragon without getting so much as a scratch. I wonder how I shall survive this fall ahead of me. I guess I must soon descend into this chasm. Perhaps I may speak with Mathra and dissuade him. Still if I were him I would ignore me for I know my purpose would be to delay, and I would also know that my colleagues kill first and then ask questions of the dead soul later. I am writing here because I fear I will fall if I get my pack out, also I don’t want to rely on a sole location for my writings. Perhaps it will all be lost in that great lake below. I know that carvings in stone last a fair period.

So now I must again write that posterity might know what has happened and what hasn’t, in case the worst should happen and we are destroyed by a conflagration. We came in here and fought a big dra-

It is presumed that at this point Lord Aranis’ carving tool slipped and feel into the great void beneath him.


The_GameMaster Moshi_Pekune

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