The Articulate Plane

Fírnen - The Fortress of Lolth, Part 2

Trifling with gods, that is what they would call these endeavors. Granted we had the aid of a god ourselves (at least for the planning stage), but yet still this strange assortment of races and creatures unknown managed to outsmart the spider queen herself. That makes twice for me, although I’m not sure if the first time counts. Today, we managed to bring the reanimator the Ioun’s very doorstep.

Though this might constitute a success by most accounts, I’m not sure the price was worth. According to the Warforged Random, a deva by the name of Mathra, who I personally saw sailing smugly in a little skiff, was responsible for causing the first great flash. Now he possesses his key once more, and can very well do it again. I am not certain he will, as the flash destroyed him as well, but one can never tell with these types.

I stand on the precipice now of the Articulate Plane, the first time I’ve been there since my kidnapping several years ago. Maybe I can find answers there.


The_GameMaster Truth_Quark

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