The Articulate Plane

Fírnen - Schroedinger's Hallway

It seems I am not the only person with blots on my past. Even the great Vendae has secrets to hide, and one of them appeared, quite unexpectedly I gather, in the hallway that was our exit. A dwarf named Baldor sought to take his revenge on Vendae (and Paige I suppose) for abandoning them in some past life. It was an amusing spectacle, almost as amusing as the sputtering mess we left the dwarf in when he finally gave up on defeating our party.

A final bit of amusement before I cease to exist. Today I stepped out into the cold air of the Articulate Plane for the first time in several years. In fact, I believe it is the first time I have ever been to the surface. There is a peaceful calm to the night sky. I think I could get used to that at least, if we survive today.

Surviving won’t be easy though. If the sun doesn’t take me, then Mathra will be waiting at the mountain top to try his hand at vampire slaying. If Mathra fails to kill me directly, all that stands between the world and a second flash is a single staff and a key hole. If the flash doesn’t take me, then who knows how far it is before I will meet another sentient creature. The list could go on.

If I survive this day, I think it will be time to part company with these adventurers and hunt for a cure on my own. I cannot endanger them with my — what does Aranis call it? Dietary proclivities any more. Strange that I should grow attached to surface dwellers, but I suppose without a home anymore my emotions will attach themselves to a dying mudcrab if no other suitable creature can be found. Funny.


The_GameMaster Truth_Quark

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